Thursday, March 28, 2013

Six Tips for Creating and Using Slides in a Presentation

  1. Let’s start by stating the obvious: slides should support the spoken word, not compete with it. Whatever you’re speaking about should be reinforced by the text/visual. You are the director, so remember that a graphic (whether created in PowerPoint or Keynote) is more powerful than the speaker. Pay attention to the words on each slide. Your story should be synchronized and reinforced through the words or graphics.
  2. Speak no more than 20 minutes, or you risk losing your audience. You are the message; no matter how dynamic your presentation skills, an audience just can’t stay focused on your pitch because the mind is programmed to wander. Work to make a quick and impactful connection with your audience!
  3. A presentation with slides is not a speech.  Know the difference and don’t confuse the two mediums in delivering the message.
  4. Keep text on slides to a minimum. The fewer words on a slide, the better. Whenever possible, cut articles and modifiers and never let copy wrap to a second line.
  5. Use as many slides as you need to keep pace with your presentation.
  6. Text font size should be from 28 to 32 point, and use 40 point for slide titles.
Incorporate these tips into your next slide presentation to achieve a powerful pitch and connection with your audience.






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