Friday, April 13, 2012

Six Tips for Connecting Effectively

Help People Remember – We quickly forget information given to us in words and numbers. We remember information best when it’s humanized through a face or human form. Even a traffic WALK sign has a stick-like figure walking. Remember to use picture visuals to stimulate your audience and hold their attention.

Images of the Mind – Albert Einstein said his most original ideas came to him in mental pictures, not in words or numbers. We all use mental pictures, but only a small percentage of us are superb at it. The most common use for imaging is to help us understand a verbal description. We listen to words and picture what the words represent. Professional speakers call upon the audience’s imagination to help deliver a memorable speech.

Who’s Laughing Now? – Women and men react differently to humor. Women respond to soft humor involving puns, wordplay and relationships, while men are drawn to aggressive humor such as slapstick. To use humor and be effective, know the makeup of your audience.

Sit or Stand? – To make a point, do it standing. We use gestures more naturally and speak louder and more clearly.  Standing makes you feel more powerful, and your message will become the center of attention.

Take Off and Landing – The take off and landing are the most risky parts of any flight. The same goes for a presentation. The beginning and end of a presentation are rarely given the attention they deserve. Here are some proven ways to successfully start a presentation:  a joke, a question, a quote, a recent event, an exercise – or just start, because people don’t expect it.

Find Your Natural Style – Most people spend 95% of their speech preparation on the content, so too little time is spent practicing the actual presentation. Remember that the presenter is selling himself, not the information. Set aside time to practice the presentation and develop a style that works for you. The more at ease you are with the material and yourself, the more relaxed your audience will be – and the better they will be able to hear your message.

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