Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Part Two: The Art of Selling Yourself


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4. The Sound of Your Voice

How do you sound? Were you born with a deep, full voice that commands attention? Often we fail to use our natural talents, and what the listener hears is monotonous, uninteresting and totally lacking in enthusiasm. You can learn to vary your voice, speak more slowly or be more enthusiastic.

To begin analyzing your voice quality, listen to yourself on an audiotape. Listen for whether or not you use pauses to emphasize important points, raise or lower your voice for emphasis and pitch. When you work to utilize the full range of your voice, a listener will be more interested in what you have to say. You have heard me say it before, and I am saying it again: Practice is the key!

5. Tailor Your Look

From your Web presence to your office, are you telling the story you want a client to see and hear? Take a look around you and assess if all encounters are inviting. Every aspect of your business sends a not-so-subtle first message to clients and potential clients. Once communicated, this impression will be lasting and difficult to change. Humans are visual learners, and what they see is a reflection of you.

6. Using the Tools

Now that you have some tools for selling yourself, begin to use them. If you are hesitant, you are not alone. But remember that you can’t sell yourself if you adopt the attitude of sitting and waiting. I can guarantee you won’t have much success attracting new clients or building a business in isolation. So get out into the business community and be seen. Seek and grab every opportunity to speak to a few or a group. Don’t wait for someone to find your blog or learn about you from your website.

Right now, if you have been following the twists and turns of the Republican candidates for the presidency, you are an eye witness to the struggles and challenges of developing and honing the skills necessary to get their stories to the public. And, generally in spite of themselves, they have gotten better at articulating their brands and messages. You can too, and in doing so you'll become more effective at the art of selling yourself!

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