Sunday, November 20, 2011

Professional Media Training Is No Longer an Option: It's a Necessity

You only have to witness all the backtracking, sidestepping and tap dancing going on in the presidential primary race to recognize a universal truth of our electronic age: a blunder in front of a video camera will go global in a matter of minutes.

With the rapid proliferation of "citizen journalism" and social media sites, on-camera mistakes will be seen and heard by millions – instantly, repeatedly and permanently – with practically no chance of a "do-over." How many times during the past few weeks have we been subjected to a replay of Herman Cain pausing to, in his words, "gather his thoughts" before commenting on Libya? Or Rick Perry fumbling through his brain freeze?

It's equally true in the corporate world. Consider just a few recent PR nightmares at companies like (BlackBerry maker) Research in Motion, Hewlett Packard or Netflix: serial strategic gaffes that drove customers to defect and market values to plummet. Many wonder how or even if these companies can recover from their very visible missteps.

Companies of any size can suddenly find themselves in the spotlight having to answer to customers, investors, the press or the public. Senior executives, particularly CEOs, are more likely than ever to face a camera at some point (if not frequently) during their tenure. And how they handle it can make or break careers and companies.

All of which brings me to another truth:

Professional media training is no longer a luxury or confined to only the largest companies. It's a job requirement for senior management in companies of all sizes and industries.

Through On-Camera Media Skills Training, I will prepare you to master interview situations, whether sit-down or spontaneous, through a simulated live experience in a broadcast studio.

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