Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 Tips for a Successful Presentation

Whether embarking on a road show to raise equity in the private or public markets or preparing your comments for participation in a panel discussion, these tips will help you be more relevant and successful in connecting with your audience.

#1: What are the two biggest problems in a presentation?

The material is too technical and the presenter is disorganized and ill-prepared. We form impressions and make up our minds (positive or negative) within seven seconds of meeting someone!

Rambling Q&A session – A great presentation can fall apart in Q&A. Always be prepared by anticipating the questions and drafting insightful and organized answers.

#2: A client comes to you for a presentation or road show – where do you start?

We start by honing the core message of who they are, what they do and why the people/audience should care, down to the critical elements. We must understand quickly what you do or make, and then we will listen.

#3: For communication to be successful, what must be mastered?

You must touch me emotionally. An audience is always asking,"What is in it for me?" Benjamin Franklin expressed the concept in this way:

Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I might remember
Involve me and I will understand

When you engage an audience, you create an image that endures in the heart, mind or soul.

#4: What surprises people the most when they seek professional help with a presentation?

In short, how long it takes to create a good presentation that includes dialogue/script, transitions, slides/graphics, delivery, and Q&A development and practice. The presentation must be designed and edited again and again until it fits the presenter like a glove.

Next step? Go to work and turn these tips into action!

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